Interior design ideas trending


The past year-and-a-half has been a genuine nightmare with lockdowns, social distancing, and work from home becoming the new buzzwords. However, one good thing is that it has made us as individuals come to realise is the true significance of the statement “there is no place like home”!  


Consequently, a lot of us have felt the need to redesign our interiors (with all the extra time on our hands). Some of the popular ideas that are trending include:    


Creating a working space: Work from home seems to be the new mantra with a lot of companies intending it to be for the long term. Therefore, creating an attractive and uncluttered workspace is only going to get more popular. Whether it is adding fine art in the background (to look snazzy on video calls) or opting for functional furniture for the home office, all of these will keep professionals working from home occupied for quite some time.  


Adding nature indoors: Simple things like spending time outdoors are something that we have taken for granted. Now that we have had to stay cooped up indoors for the better part of the last few months, we have begun to admire nature in a newfound way. This is now being reflected in interior designs, with green plants forming an increasing part of the décor be it the living room or the bathroom. Having potted plants and adding different natural materials like stone, wood, wicker, etc., is going to be the trend for the coming year.   

Wood-related themes: Continuing with the trend of returning to nature, wood is going to play a critical role in homes. From the installation of natural wood cabinets in the kitchen to adding wooden countertops in the dining room, the material is going to see a renaissance of sorts. Wooden finishes to different furniture pieces and areas of the kitchen and dining area will add that extra homely feel and look to the property. For those that are conscious about the environment, some incredible reclaimed materials will add that touch of elegance while ensuring that we leave a minimal carbon footprint.  


Stylish bathrooms: Whether underrated or understated, bathrooms always tend to be relegated to the background when it comes to décor. Now that we have spent considerable time in them for the past few months, things are about to change for the better. From stylishly designed showers to Victorian baths, there are plenty of new additions. Even the décor of the bathroom is going to undergo some major changes ranging from artful soap dishes to creating a spa-like ambience.    


Getting the right colours: In a highly stressful environment, choosing the right colour scheme can make a lot of difference and help to soothe our severely frayed nerves. Going neutral in terms of colour schemes is the way ahead for this year. Soothing and calming shades of almond, honey, and tan will create a warm and cozy atmosphere indoors. It will help to create a relaxed space where one can unwind and put all their daily cares behind them.  


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